15 Dec 2017

Why Local Marketing is Important

When it comes to real estate, marketing is everything. Effective marketing strategies can mean the difference between a property sale going off like fireworks, or a struck match. So with such a wide range of marketing platforms out there, why is local marketing so important? Surely going bigger is better, right? Well not necessarily. Here’s a few reasons why a laser-like focus on local advertising could mean big business for your property sale.


Because not everybody is shopping

Thanks to the super convenience of the internet, properties are available for viewing at the literal click of your fingers. The majority of homes these days are marketed on realestate.com, which is fantastic for reaching a wider audience, but there’s just one catch: it requires people to be browsing online and actively looking to buy. This is not always the case. Oftentimes, people aren’t totally convinced they want to buy, so they’re not surfing the net checking out the latest listings. These people are the ‘yeah, maybe, depends if I see something I really like’ kind of people. This is where local marketing swoops in. Advertising through mail drops, newspapers or local magazines means you’re not bringing the buyer to the property, you’re bringing the property to the buyer. Many times people don’t even know what they’re looking for until they see it, and sometimes just having something tangible in front of them can be enough to plant the seed of interest.


Because community matters

Here’s an interesting fact: 35% of people on the Sunshine Coast are renters. Renters are your future buyers, so by adopting a local marketing strategy you are directly targeting future business. Also, many local residents looking for a change aren’t necessarily moving town, only house. It’s actually not uncommon for people who already live in the area to buy a home down the road, and sometimes, even in the same street. And since neighbours, or someone the neighbour knows, are often the people who end up buying the home, it’s absolutely in a seller’s best interest to invite them to the open house. Plus, as a bonus, having the extra people attending the open house and appreciating its good points can create incentive and a sense of urgency for another buy to act quick.


Because neighbours are nosey

And not in a bad way! Anyone who lives in a close-knit community is personally invested in what’s happening around them. They want to know things like what council proposals are in place and what properties are for sale in their area. In a sense, this gives the local community a sense of control and a feeling that they matter. Local marketing gives the community an opportunity to help fill the gaps in their neighbourhood. Nobody wants to see their local area gone to the dogs, so if there’s something they can do to actively participate in the property market, they will.


Because it improves networking

Getting in touch with local businesses can be a valuable marketing tool. Developing good relationships with these businesses can be key to tapping deeper into the local market where word-of-mouth and good customer rapport is something you just can’t buy. People like to talk, and the more people – particularly if they’re professionals – who are talking about relevant property listings in the area, the better your chances are of reeling in some interest.


Never underestimate the power of local marketing. It’s not always a numbers game; reaching the right buyer is often more about relevant quality marketing than it is quantity. 


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