08 Jun 2018

Why a Floor Plan is Just as Important as Good Photos

The successful sale of a property is highly dependent on good property marketing. When we think of property marketing, the first thing people generally think of is top-notch photography and a killer advertising campaign. While these factors are critical, there is one tiny element that is just as important, yet so often overlooked: the floor plan. Surprisingly, recent studies show that more than one-third of buyers are less likely to enquire about a property without a floor plan, and one in five buyers will completely ignore a listing that doesn’t have one. Here’s why floor plans are just as important as good photography and should be part of your property marketing strategy.


They piece things together

Floor plans give potential buyers a visual reference for the photographs they’re looking at. Images of the property and rooms are important, but it’s the floor plan that shows the buyer the size, design and layout of the home. This is critical information for someone who is considering handing over a few hundred thousand dollars. Furthermore, some buyers may be from out of town, and in this instance, floor plans are invaluable tool for communicating how the property layout appears, helping ease any concerns with purchasing a property they haven’t inspected.


They save time

Showing the buyer exactly what the property looks like can help save a lot of time, hassle and disappointment if they inspect the property and discover it’s nothing like they expected. Floor plans are a practical way to eliminate timewasters. And not only does it save wasting the buyers time, it avoids the seller and agent going through the process of setting up a viewing, only to have it end in disappointment.


They make the property memorable

After a buyer has inspected the property, quite often they will go back to the listing and view the floor plan with a fresh set of eyes now that they know exactly where things are and what they look like. They are able to visualise and memorise features of the property much more accurately. Buyers appreciate the extra little details – that’s what helps sell a home, and floor plans are the perfect little detail to add. Want to stand out from the crowd? Use a floor plan.


They put buyers ‘in’ the home

Property marketing is, effectively, the ability to sell not a property, but a home. A buyer who develops an emotional attachment to a property is far more likely to find it irresistible, and having a floor plan allows that buyer to physically visualise the space and imagine themselves – and their belongings – in it.


Tips for using floor plans

  • Always include dimensions and measurements on your floor plan. There is not much point to presenting the property layout if the buyer has no frame of reference as to how much space they are looking at.
  • Don’t overcomplicate it. Council or building plans with excessive detail will put a buyer off, just keep it simple and straightforward.
  • Use full colour plans. Once again, it’s all about visual advertising, and full colour plans look professional and grab the buyer’s attention.
  • Don’t forget windows and doors. These are important details that buyers will want to know, as their location and size will affect how they are able to visualise themselves living in the property.
  • Include the full property. The layout of the house is important, but buyers will also be interested in how it fits into the bigger picture.


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