06 Apr 2018

Top 8 Tips For Listing Your Property

The property market can be extremely competitive and your property advertisement could easily be lost in the noise. For this reason, your online listing has the potential to make or break the success of your property sale, so it’s important to get it right. To help you nail your online property listing, here are our top 8 tips for maximising your sale potential.


1. Presentation matters

First things first. Before anything else, you should complete any maintenance, repairs or renovations the property may require. Making small (or large) improvements to the property is sure to generate more buyer interest as well as a higher listing price. Presentation, both interior and exterior, is everything.


2. Mention improvements or renovation potential

If you’ve put the time and dollars into upgrading the property, let buyers know! Doing so lets them know that you have already taken care of some of the extra costs they may otherwise have been looking at, which can be a huge advantage if they have cash constraints or are too time-poor to renovate. If you haven’t done the upgrades yet, but have an idea of costs, it’s a good idea to mention the property’s development potential so that those interested in renovating know they’re onto a winner.


3. Make your house stand out from the others

What does your home have that others don’t? Does it have a nice view? A pool? A home office? A grand Victorian staircase? Talk about all its unique features; give it the wow factor. Let people know how amazing it would be to live in your home.


4. Use your words

Don’t just assume that the features of the property will sell themselves; be sure to note them in the write up. Describing the marble bench top or polished hardwood floors not only helps give buyers a feel for the property, it gives them a sense of quality. Visuals are extremely important, but your attention to detail with descriptions will add the finishing touch.


5. Use professional images

Nothing will revoke a buyer’s interest faster than poor quality pictures. Photos that are blurry, have bad lighting or limited scope, or lack comprehensive image of the property, will have a potential buyer closing the browser before they even read the description. An effective strategy a lot of agencies are now employing is to create a video tour of the home to really give buyers a deep feel of the property and all its features. Just remember, there are no second chances to make a good first impression.


6. Mention neighbourhood spots

It’s not all about the house. Where its located and what is in the immediate vicinity is just as important. People want to know what kind of neighbourhood they’re buying into, so be sure to mention schools, public transport, cafés, beaches, or shops that are nearby.


7. Emphasise space and entertainment areas

People love to entertain, so highlight the areas of the home that would facilitate great entertainment opportunities. Whether it’s a back deck, Bali hut or simply an open-plan floor design, emphasise the quality time that could be spent in these spacious areas.


8. Highlight any sort of privacy

Privacy is another underrated factor that buyers will appreciate, especially if the property is situated in a busy city area. Increased privacy can include a fenced yard, top-floor apartment (no neighbours above), plenty of greenery in the gardens, or a tree-lined street. Privacy is a huge drawcard for buyers, so don’t miss a golden opportunity to win them over.


Following these simple steps greatly improves your chances of finding the right buyer for a quick, successful sale. And while first impressions are important, just make sure you don’t embellish your property so much that buyers are disappointed when they come to inspect. You need to be truthful in your claims and not misleading, but with the right real estate agent, your online listing will certainly have a professional touch with the right amount of reality.


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