20 Oct 2017

The Ultimate Moving House Checklist

Moving into a new house is exciting and stressful. There’s a long list of jobs to do, and as a most of us are busy and time-poor, the nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something important is never far away. Being organised is key to a smooth relocation, and a checklist is the perfect way to stay on track. No matter whether your move is local or interstate; whether you hire a removalist or do it yourself, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate moving house checklist!


Getting a head start in the weeks leading up to the move will save you a lot of time (and stress) on the big day. Here’s a list of things you definitely don’t want to leave until the last minute:


1. Organise removalist

If you plan on using a professional removalist, booking early to secure the dates you need should be the first thing on your list. If you’re doing the moving yourself, you may need to hire a truck, in which case booking early is something you will need to organise too.


2. Lighten the load

We all tend to accumulate a lot unnecessary stuff after living somewhere for a long time, so moving house is a great opportunity to go through your things and get rid of whatever you don’t need.

  • Donate to charity, list on Gumtree, or just throw away anything that is cluttering your living or storage space.
  • Run down supplies of perishable food; get rid of old food in the pantry.
  • Collect boxes and packing materials to make sure you’re not understocked on the day.


3. Organise paperwork and files

Paperwork and important documents often get overlooked, and it’s easy to pile things into a box and realise you have no idea where to find them.

  • Passports, birth/marriage certificates, and other important documents can be extremely time consuming to replace. Put everything together in a labelled, organised folder.
  • Old photos or precious drawings or cards from your kids are impossible to replace, so place these in protective, waterproof storage.
  • Back up all electronic files and label and store hard drives separately and securely.


4. Kids and pets

  • Organise any childcare you may need on the day. With doors open, furniture being moved and your attention elsewhere, it may not be safe to have your kids at home on moving day. It will also be a lot quicker without the frequent interruptions and distractions.
  • Make arrangements for your pets to stay with a friend during the move, and notify your new local council for pet registration. You will also need to update your address details on your pet’s microchip database too.


5. Redirect mail and update your address

Fill out the mail redirection form at Australia Post at least a week before your move. Contacting as many companies as you can, such as the ATO, bank, and utility companies will save you a lot of hassle once you’ve settled in.


6. Be weather prepared

One thing you can’t control is the weather. Be prepared. Have plastic sheets and wet weather clothing handy, and make sure no power cords or electrical goods are exposed. If it’s going to be a really hot day, be prepared with plenty of water bottles and sunscreen.


7. Disconnect services

  • Discontinue any delivery services, automated payments, or local memberships.
  • Disconnect utilities at old address, and schedule connections at new home:
  • Phone
  • Internet
  • Cable
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity


8. Don’t forget!

  • Arrange time off work, if necessary, for moving day.
  • Book cleaning service, if using one, to ensure they are available when needed.
  • Defrost freezer and clean fridge.
  • Label your boxes according to room and contents.


When you’ve finally settled into your new home, it’s a good idea to learn about your local area. Find out what your new rubbish and recycling collection days are, nearby shopping and transport options, and make the time to meet your neighbours.

Enjoy life in your new home!


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