26 Jan 2018

5 Reasons Why Property Presentation Matters

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling a home, a car, or a gourmet burger – presentation is everything. There’s a reason why show room cars have polished paint, pristine windows and black tyres, and are displayed on white, glossy tiles under bright lights. It’s because immaculate presentation is what sells them. The same applies to homes. If your property is on the market, spending time on interior design details could mean the difference between getting the price you want and negotiating below what you expected. Here’s five reasons why property presentation matters.


1. We like things to be pleasing to the eye

As humans, we’re naturally wired to appreciate what we’re looking at. The moment we see something which is not aesthetically pleasing, our brain begins to search for evidence to support that negative impression. When selling your home, a negative impression is the exact opposite effect you want to give your buyer. To keep your buyer in appreciation mode, make sure you don’t neglect minor details. People are passively receiving information through everything they look at – they really do see more than you think.


2. Buyers can have irks and quirks

Call it fussy, call it obsessive, but some people are very particular in their own homes (and there’s nothing wrong with that!) Little details could become a distraction to some potential buyers, such as an unmade bed, the dishes in the sink – even if they’re clean (you should never leave dirty dishes in the sink!), or the dust on the ceiling fans. They will find it hard to look past this. A ‘homely’ feel is nice, as long as it’s not a little too ‘lived in.’


3. It sends a positive message

Great presentation sends a very clear, subconscious message to the buyer. It tells them that the current owner – you – are very particular and are likely to have taken excellent care of the property. Every buyer wants the peace of mind that the house they’re purchasing has been well maintained. It means there’s less likelihood of repairs down the track, which means lower future costs for them.


4. Interior design evokes emotion

The most well-marketed ideas involve targeting people on an emotional level. This is because people are emotional buyers – we can’t help it! A well-presented house that hits the buyer right in the feels is more likely to engage them. Therefore, a buyer who is emotionally invested in a home is more likely to make an offer and enter into negotiations with a more positive mind set (meaning more dollars in the bank for you!)


5. It gives a buyer imaginative freedom

When a buyer walks into their potential future home, they don’t want to be bombarded with constant reminders and evidence that someone else currently lives there. Half the excitement is in imagining where their furniture will go and what their things would look like set up there. Without any major distractions the buyer is free to picture themselves living in that space and whether their belongings will fit into and suit the house. That can mean they get into decision-making mode faster (which translates into a quicker sale).


Experience shows that making an effort with presentation and detailed interior design usually achieves a quicker sale at a higher price. A well-presented home gives you an advantage over other comparable properties in your area. It encourages the buyer and gives them confidence that they’re investing in a well cared for home.


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