22 Dec 2017

10 Home Styling Tips to Help You Ace Your Open Home

Home styling is the secret to hosting a killer open house inspection. It’s effective because of it’s subtlety. A potential buyer can fall in love with the place and not even really know why, it just makes them ‘feel good’. So what are the top tricks of the trade when it comes to creating those feel good home styling vibes? We’ve put together some simple tips that will captivate your buyers and leave a lasting impression long after they’re gone.


1. Keep it simple

A minimalist approach to your home styling is always the best way. You want to create a homely feel, but too much furniture encroaches on space, making the rooms appear smaller. So make the most of the space you’ve got, buyers are there to see the house, not your fancy furniture.


2. Use neutral colours

Accessories are an important addition for that special touch, but the key here is to choose a non-intrusive colour scheme. The idea is to let the house be the hero, and the accessories are only there to give it a more personal feel, a little something extra. Avoid bright colours or wild patterns, they’re distracting and may not align with a buyer’s personal taste – you don’t want to put them off!


3. Control the climate

Climate control may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of home styling, but what do you immediately want to do when you walk into a room that is too warm or too cold? Leave! Don’t give your potential buyers a reason to rush the open home. Set the temperature at about 24°C so that people don’t have the distraction of feeling too hot or cold.


4. Leave the house

As tempting as it is to see people’s reactions to your home, the best thing to do is leave. Having owners present during an open home can often feel awkward to a potential buyer and they may not feel comfortable asking whatever questions they want to ask the agent. And don’t forget to take your pets with you.


5. Set the mood

When potential buyers walk into your home, you want them to feel relaxed and welcome. Playing a bit of soft music or having a subtle diffuser can be a great way to help achieve this. Bonus points if you can bake something. The aroma of freshly baked scones is hard to top (they also make a delightful treat for buyers to snack on).


6. De-clutter

Remove as much unnecessary decoration from each room as possible. The aim is for a show home appeal. This includes bibs and bobs on kitchen counters, fridge magnets and photographs. The more you can de-clutter and de-personalise, the more it shows off the home and the more a buyer can visualize themselves in that space.


7. Add pops of colour

Not to contradict our previous tip, but sometimes a little splash of colour in the right place can be magic. But once again, simple and understated is key. Consider adding a vase of fresh flowers, either red or yellow, or a bowl of brightly coloured fruit. Just keep the colours uniformed and make sure the flowers aren’t wilted and droopy, and the fruit is unblemished.


8. Turn all the lights on

Nothing makes a house more appealing than the warm, inviting glow of lights. Turn on every light in the house, including lamps and lights above the stove. It will make your home quite literally shine and sparkle.


9. Professionally cleaned windows

For that polished, show room look, consider having your windows professionally cleaned. You’d be shocked at just how much dirt and grime accumulates on the glass and actually blocks out a surprising amount of natural light. Having squeaky clean windows is an absolute must.


10. Don’t forget the outdoors

Even though most of a buyer’s attention will be focused inside, getting the outside in mint condition is essential. A well-groomed and maintained yard will reflect the polished appearance of the inside, giving your home an element of prestige. Make sure you weed gardens, trim hedges and mow and water the lawn beforehand, and if you have garden or pool lights, don’t forget to turn them on too.


It’s not difficult to achieve a professionally staged home styling look, and you don’t even need to spend a lot of money. Just put in some time to present your home in the freshest, most inviting way, and let the rest speak for itself.


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