How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Property

08 Sep2017
  When it comes to selling your home, finding the right real estate agent is a bit like trying to find a partner for a relationship; there’s plenty of offers out there, but knowing who’s got [...] Read More...

Our Downsizing Survival Strategy

31 Aug2017
  There can be plenty of reasons behind the want or need to downsize where you live. These can range from the kids leaving home, to divorce, retirement or just the desire for a that alluring 'simple [...] Read More...

Dual Occupancy - The New Kid with Big Rewards

25 Aug2017
When it comes to property everyone gets excited about a property or property type which delivers a higher than average return. Today we want to show you a relative new comer to the types of property available on [...] Read More...

6 Reasons Why Your Home May Not Be Selling

18 Aug2017
So, your house has been on the market for months now, but the only interest it seems to be getting is from spiders building their webs on the ‘For Sale’ sign out front. As a seller, there is nothing [...] Read More...

7 Pro Tips for Attending an Open Home

11 Aug2017
  Inviting hordes of strangers to wander through a home like it’s the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art - where they observe every little detail and could easily be mistaken as robbers who are casing [...] Read More...

6 Tips for Saying Goodbye to Your Family Home

03 Aug2017
The contract is signed, the date is set, and the removalist truck is booked. There’s just one thing left to do: pack up your life and leave. The process itself is fairly straightforward - put things in [...] Read More...

Why Do Agents Pitch Themselves As Area or Suburb Specialists? – Real Estate Myth Busting

18 Jul2017
There is a lot of agent training which suggests that only the agent who is a recognised suburb specialist or area specialist is going to make it in the super competitive world of real estate agents. Oh and usua [...] Read More...

When Is The Best Time To Sell Property?

19 Jun2017
We have all seen the brightly coloured flyers in our letterbox with sunflowers or some other suitably evocative “Spring Time” image announcing that the "Real Estate Selling Season" is [...] Read More...

How Understanding the Buyer Mindset Can Help you Sell Successfully

17 May2017
Capturing a property buyer’s attention in this day of digital property marketing needs to happen in just seconds. Sunshine Coast real estate buyers are often outsiders and it’s helpful to know how to [...] Read More...

10 Tips on Renovating

14 Apr2017
Knowing what to spend on renovations, or rather what not to spend, is one of the keys to successful property investing. Whether the property is your own home or an investment property, the most common goal is [...] Read More...
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