5 Home Improvement Mistakes When Selling Your Home

12 Jan2018
One of the best things to add value to your home before putting it up for sale is repairs and renovations. Home improvement is a highly effective means of increasing your sale price for minimal outlay of cash [...] Read More...

Granny Flats - Not Just for Little Old Ladies!

05 Jan2018
Granny flats are popping up on residential properties around Australia quicker than Nanna can knit a scarf. The rise in popularity is most likely because homeowners are fast catching on to the benefits that granny [...] Read More...

Questions to Ask Your Pest and Building Inspector

29 Dec2017
Whether you’re a home owner, a new buyer, or an investor, getting a building and pest inspection report on your property is an absolute must. A pest and building inspector is a licensed professional who is [...] Read More...

10 Home Styling Tips to Help You Ace Your Open Home

22 Dec2017
Home styling is the secret to hosting a killer open house inspection. It’s effective because of it’s subtlety. A potential buyer can fall in love with the place and not even really know why, it just [...] Read More...

Housing affordability - Is the great Australian dream becoming a nightmare?

22 Dec2017
The cost of housing is a hot topic that frequently comes up at any family barbecue or social gatherings. Big price increases in buying a home is why some people are forced into renting, which puts pressure on [...] Read More...

Why Do Real Estate Agents Charge So Much?

22 Dec2017
Housing affordability is always at the forefront of conversations around property, but what many people don’t talk about is how expensive it can be to sell your home.   It’s hard enough [...] Read More...

Why Local Marketing is Important

15 Dec2017
When it comes to real estate, marketing is everything. Effective marketing strategies can mean the difference between a property sale going off like fireworks, or a struck match. So with such a wide range of [...] Read More...

Insurance - How to Make Sure Your Property is Insured for Replacement Value

08 Dec2017
When discussing insurance, it’s all too easy to shrug your shoulders and wave it off with a casual ‘she’ll be right’ attitude. However, your home and contents are likely to be the most [...] Read More...

Floor Plan Fails - Why Design Matters

01 Dec2017
Pop quiz: when it comes to buying or selling a property, what is the most overlooked and underrated factor in determining buyer/seller success? Is it:   The agent’s hair style? Popping the [...] Read More...

When Is The Right Time to Buy A Property?

24 Nov2017
It’s the million-dollar question for every investor – when is the right time to buy property? Unless you are equipped with highly sophisticated data analytics or a magical crystal ball, it is pretty [...] Read More...
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