3 Weird Property Rules You Probably Didn't Know About

23 Mar2018
Let’s be honest. Property legislation isn’t exactly the most exciting topic in real estate, but it is, however, essential. Legal disputes over property can be some of the messiest, so it’s [...] Read More...

How To Choose The Right Type Of Property

16 Mar2018
Whether you’re looking to purchase an investment property or a new residential home, finding the right type of property can be challenging. There are a range of different factors to consider, and each [...] Read More...

How Many Investment Properties Do You Need To Retire?

09 Mar2018
Like many ambitious Australians, you’ve probably considered an investment property portfolio to fund a comfortable lifestyle when you retire. And ideally, whilst age and health are still on your side. But [...] Read More...

10 Reasons For Selling Your Property

02 Mar2018
The good thing about property sales is there’s never a shortage on the market. Certain seasons are slower than others, but reasons for homeowners wanting to sell do not depend on whether the roses are in [...] Read More...

My House Didn't Sell At Auction - What Next?

23 Feb2018
Taking your home to auction can be a very exciting but equally stressful experience. Some auction sales are hugely successful, while others fall well short of vendor expectations, or even fail to sell at all. But [...] Read More...

6 Things You Should Do Before Listing Your Property

16 Feb2018
Listing your property for sale can be an exciting, yet overwhelming experience. You’re keen to get things moving along but the ‘to do’ list is never-ending and it can feel like you simply don& [...] Read More...

What To Ask The Real Estate Agent At An Open House

09 Feb2018
Any investor who is serious about buying a property understands how important the open house inspection is. This is potentially your only opportunity to approach the real estate agent and get as much information [...] Read More...

What To Look For When Buying A Resale Property

02 Feb2018
Investing in a property for resale is not a new concept. With popular TV shows such as The Block and numerous others on the Lifestyle channel, resales are becoming more commonplace. The idea seems basic enough: [...] Read More...

5 Reasons Why Property Presentation Matters

26 Jan2018
It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling a home, a car, or a gourmet burger – presentation is everything. There’s a reason why show room cars have polished paint, pristine windows and black [...] Read More...

12 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Garage Sale

19 Jan2018
If there’s one thing Aussies love, it’s a bargain. Garage sales are not only a great place to find one, but they’re also an excellent way to unload years of clutter and unwanted items, and [...] Read More...
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